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Training & Development

Our partner, Soaring Eagles Training and Development Corporation, provides training, educational support, business workshops, and empowerment programs for mentees, college students, entrepreneurs, and business owners, and leaders If you desire to start a business and would like to attend our community workshops, please email us at We are proud to partner with community business owners and philanthropists to provide you with the resources and services to succeed.

For more information, please visit or call our office for more details.

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We wish you a prosperous year!

Sharon Ragin CPA, MTx


New Business Startup

Choice of Entity, New Business Training, Planning and Preparation Seminars

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Financial Literacy

Budgeting, Debt Management, Cash Flow Projections,

Retirement Planning, Education



Preparation and Planning, Credits, Deductions, 

Withholdings, IRS Guidelines


Financial Statement Preparation

Basis of Accounting, Pro forma

Depreciation, Statement of Cash Flows Budgets, Planning

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